Unique Offerings

Unique Offerings 

At Jordan Lake School of  the Arts we love originality and you see it in all that we do…including our programs. Nature, the arts, and hands on experiential learning are important aspects of a whole child approach to education. Paired with a strong core curriculum, these programs help provide students with an opportunity to develop flexible thinking, problem solving,and group work skills.  

Martial Arts

Students work on earning their belts in traditional sport forms of Asian self-defense that utilize physical skill, self discipline, impulse control and coordination while expanding character building and physical stamina.

Outdoor Education

JLSA  has a one of a kind lake front campus that adjoins hundreds of acres of preserved forest. Being outdoors is a key component to our school program. Students learn in programs immersed in nature based activities in our outdoor learning spaces. From core science to daily morning hikes, students learn directly from their environment and an appreciation for the world they live in. Students engage in a study with a focus on environmental science lessons outdoors that support our curriculum. An annual boat trip on Jordan Lake is also an opportunity to develop passion and appreciation for the natural world.

Legofest ®

Students gain valuable experience through the trademarked Legofest ® program. Legofest ®  has created a unique hands on program that addresses core curriculum components but also assists students to use problem solving and open ended thinking as well as including math, science, and engineering activities.  A sense of teamwork as well as developing innovative thinking capabilities, self- confidence, and fine and gross motor abilities.

See Spot Read®

SSR literacy program is an exciting reading skills development tool offered to all JLSA students. During a See Spot Read session, each JLSA student has the opportunity to interact with a service dog by sitting with them and reading to them aloud in front of a small group.  See Spot Read works with children to develop and enhance reading skills, develop confidence in reading aloud, reduce anxiety to dogs, and share in a joyful group activity.


Promoting life long skills in stress reduction and health through a once weekly yoga practice benefits all students. With a skilled instructor capable of modifying for students as needed they learn anxiety reduction, increase flexibility and physical stamina, and develop body awareness and confidence.  Yoga is a tool students can benefit from for life.


Our hands on learning program encourages students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts to learn, expand, and care for their school environment through daily activities as well as learning to produce and complete an annual group project from concept to realization. Students maintain hiking trails, build and plant raised gardens, create outdoor classrooms and more. Through working as a team, students develop a strong work ethic, an investment in the school community, and a real world means of applying educational concepts and social skills in organic situations.

Community Workshops

Students benefit from working with successful artists,  increasing not only their abilities, but providing them with one of a kind experiences and connectivity to our local community . Each year students celebrate Harvest Day, a fall workshop, where they enjoy painting, working with clay, and storytelling. Students also have a spring workshop in varying mediums determined each year through an arts grant awarded by Jordan Lake School of the Arts. We encourage local artists to visit our Community Fundraising page for additional information. Some past recipients include Yoma Yoga, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, and photographer Mary Berridge.

*Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop

The purpose of our Inclusive Educational Arts Workshop is to build and sustain strong community connections and create artistic opportunities in North Carolina inclusive to those on the autism spectrum. Our grant supports local artists in developing educational arts based workshops that utilize the best teaching practices for those on the autism spectrum and help to create community-based connectivity that expands students’ roles as community participants with the capacity to link students and artists to a range of arts and educational based practices and opportunities.

*Harvest Day ® 

This workshop is a beloved annual  celebration in tribute to the changing seasons and the final harvesting of the fruit we’ve literally and symbolically planted as seeds in our garden the spring before.  Each year students enjoy a day with local artists known for their work as professionals as well as contributors to the local art community. Each child experiences painting instruction by a fine artist, sculpting with clay, and learning and enjoying the art of storytelling. The celebration takes place outdoors and is a day full of appreciation for all the rewards of the seeds of hard work and friendship nurtured within our community.

*Wish The Stars ®

An evening workshop event including a lakeside hike followed by star gazing and the opportunity to use a telescope to learn and observe the constellations. It is the event that concludes the school year and is the time when we all celebrate the magic that surrounds us and we send our wishes into the sky for the year ahead of us.