Supports & Services




Jordan Lake School of the Arts recognizes some students need private social skills and speech services. JLSA collaborates with an on-site service provider for pragmatic speech and social skills training.  This provider is available to works with the students two weekdays to help facilitate and improve social communications and interactions. The service provider provides suggestions, training, and ongoing input to instructors at the school to maximize the effectiveness of speech interventions.



Speech therapy services are available on site for families who desire to have services at school. At JLSA we utilize therapeutic service providers that accept private and supplemental insurance. The school therefore is never in the position of offering reduced services or not recommending services due to financial motivation. Independent service providers also offer a perspective that advocates for the child, not the school, and eliminates any potential conflict of interest. 

For Speech services, we work with one service provider that works on-site.  Utilizing one provider helps to make communication cohesive, keep the number of people coming in and out of the school small, and allow the service provider to serve multiple children in one visit to the school. While we encourage families to utilize these services, Jordan Lake School of the Arts reserves the right to limit or change services permitted at the school as to not disrupt the program.

Services at JLSA are provided by Marilena Golzi founder of Carolina Center for Speech and Language.