Academic Overview


We believe every child has a unique gift and talent.

  Jordan Lake School of the Arts provides a relevant and challenging curriculum and a learning environment that encourages children to see their differences as their greatest strengths.

JLSA follows the requirements and guidelines of the North Carolina Division of Non Public Instruction. We offer a college preparatory curriculum, but also individualize for students who have other long term goals.  JLSA develops an individual approach for each child that will the student to progress at his/her own pace, be that faster or slower than the labels of grade level imposed in public education settings.

We offer a one teacher to five student ratio and require students with additional needs to have support provided by an aide. This diverse population provides the learning opportunities that are the foundation for a compassionate and civilized society. JLSA is also partnered with Central Carolina Community College to offer high school and college credit courses.

Our school bases achievement on mastering skills following the NCSCOS and individualization of those goals on the academic and developmental continuum. These levels are determined by educational goals and social goals. Each student has an individualized plan that addresses these areas. Children are in multi-aged classrooms and a thoughtful environment that focuses more on the process than the product. Parents are invited to meet twice annually and given progress reports at the end of each semester.