The Arts


A variety of  mediums are explored through the Arts at JLSA. Students are encouraged to develop their voice, to learn to listen to those of others, and to find beauty in all things while developing lifelong confidence and skills.

Visual Arts

Methods include  drawing, painting, photography, and larger scale group projects.  Students learn about technique as well as art history and visual arts is an opportunity to integrate concepts covered in academic pursuits as well.  Students increase fine motor capability, cognitive planning, and enjoy self expression as well as learning to appreciate how others see the world. 


Photography allows students to explore everyday environments and people and discovery new perspectives and beauty within them. Students learn to use several types of camera and accessories, learn to edit and print, and develop a portfolio of work. Students also utilize photography  integrated with academic curriculum to produce a student directory, yearbook, and special projects.


Music is a fantastic way to allow our students to express themselves, develop motor skills, and work in a group to be performance ready.  During weekly music class students learn to have confidence in their voice, to practice projection and intonation and to have exposure and gain knowledge in a variety of musical genres. 


Dance is an important part of gaining body awareness, self confidence, and expression through movement. At JLSA students participate in an aerobics dance program. Dance is essential to a well rounded education for boys and girls. Dance education beginning in early childhood and continuing throughout life benefits the body, mind and spirit.


Theater at Jordan Lake School of the Arts includes efforts on an group as well as an individual basis. Students practice acting techniques while developing social skills, voice projection, and stage presence. It is an opportunity to build self confidence and benefit from the structure of  portraying a character while the creativity of making them your own.  Students engage in small scale weekly performances as well as larger rehearsals and community presentations.